The benefits of latex bedding for baby

Buy Zhang Jiankang, natural good mattress, every dad, mom must do things. Baby sleep in bed every day is more than 12 hours. So give your baby the best sleep quality, must do homework from the mattress, a good mattress can let the baby's spine with a high degree of support. Good mattress soft and comfortable, but also let the baby a good night sleep, natural anti mite Thailand latex mattress is your best choice.

A bacterium, anti mite According to medical reports pointed out: pillows, bedding, bedding is a hotbed of bacteria and dust mites breeding, birth stage there will be 70% of the time spent in bed, and the baby bed wetting factors such as more bacteria and mite breeding sites provide convenience. The oak natural latex protein can inhibit bacteria, mites, and no static, sporadic natural milk flavor. SUVARN natural latex mattresses, Thailand imports of pure natural latex production, carefully for the baby to create a safe sleep environment.

Two, breathable and comfortable

Ronly natural latex mattress with a vent hole, tens of thousands of tiny mesh structure fully breathable, uniform distribution, good permeability, excellent ventilation, natural ventilation cooling, air flow, with the baby body hot, let the baby sleep to keep cool and comfortable.

Three, green security

Ronly natural latex materials used as a medical science of advanced materials, harmless to humans. Does not contain any toxic elements. No toxic substance is produced even under overheating or combustion.

Four, healthy sleep

Natural latex is soft, pressure dispersion, latex mattress contact the baby body area is relatively common mattress contact with the baby's body weight tolerance, automatically adjust the baby bad position, the spine relaxation recovery, which has the function of correction. The baby mattress all uses the nonmetal structure, thus powerfully prevented the magnetic field the formation, achieves the complete insulation and the static electricity, and does not have the noise, does not have the vibration.

Five, easy to wash

Ronly natural latex mattress is the most convenient to wash, easy manual cleaning of natural latex products (generally do not need to, just gently tapping on it), not as long as the deformation after dehydration with fans, drying, folding, easy maintenance, good collection. Remember not to dry the washing machine.

Warm reminder: Thailand latex pillows and latex mattresses with more appropriate.